5 Things to Look for in a Summer Camp


When you’re searching for a summer camp for your child, it’s important to talk to them about their interests and to do your research. You want to find something they’ll love and be excited to attend everyday. And while children really do need downtime to rest and recharge, summer learning loss is a documentable phenomenon. The National Summer Learning Loss Association found that having summers off causes kids to slip an average of two months of grade-level equivalency.

Enter: summer camp. For many parents, camp can be the perfect solution—your child will make friends, exercise their intellectual, physical, and creative muscles and have fun all at once! So how do you pick the right camp? Here are five things to look for as you decide on the right summer camp for your child:

1. Engaging Activities and Programs

Look for a camp that will challenge your child to problem-solve, collaborate, and ask questions in a fun, energizing environment. That way, your child will  enjoy their summer vacation while keeping her mind engaged and ready to start the next school year strong. A summer of imagination, creativity, and movement awaits your child at Summer Camp at The Ellis School. From participating in innovative design thinking challenges to exploring storytelling through superheroes and warrior princesses, we’ll fuel your child’s curiosity and love of learning with our engaging content and dynamic programs.

2. Opportunities for Growth

It is important that for all children to develop a sense of independence outside of the comforts of home and the classroom. Ellis campers experience the magic of playing and learning in a new community while having the added advantage of being under the direction of expert educators who are uniquely equipped to boost their burgeoning brain power and support them as they try new things. This opportunity to grow independently, while being nurtured and supported by counselors, allows campers to build their confidence and resilience in a joyful, enriching environment.

3. An Environment that Fosters Friendship

Surrounded by other curious and creative kids, your child will delight in the freedom to unleash their energy and creativity in a space designed to foster friendships. Ellis campers form bonds you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Bonds that are made on the monkey bars, in the pool, from midfield, and on the stage. Bonds that are strengthened through teamwork and exhilarating adventures. Whether it’s via an epic water balloon fight, a mission to track down a superhero villain, or a field trip to a local art museum, our enriching camp experiences provide a space for your child to build lasting friendships with fellow campers.

4. Scheduling Compatibility

A summer camp that suits your child’s interests, talents, and passions doesn’t have to be located three states away or break the bank. When looking at summer camp options, it’s important to consider your own work schedule and family obligations. If a camp is too far away, ends early in the day when you’re not available to pick your child up, or has other red tape that will make your summer stressful, it might not be the best option. Because Ellis Summer Camp offers half-day and full-day options with after-care available in June, July, and August, our flexible schedule will fit with your family’s busy one.

5. Staffing Qualifications

Our camps are led by NCAA athletes, expert teachers, professionally-trained thespians, and enthusiastic counselors who will serve as positive role models and educators to your child. You’ll have the fun of watching your child blossom as they’re supported and mentored by adults and older counselors who genuinely care about—and are knowledgeable about—their growth and well-being.

At The Ellis School, we offer a wide variety of camp offerings that
appeal to girls and boys as young as age two through grade 12.


Ready. Set. Summer!