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Introducing Girl Talk, Ellis’ New Virtual Parenting Series


Girl Talk is moving from the written word to the spoken word with our new, free webinar series, Girl Talk: Conversations for Parents. A parent's guide to raising girls who become bold, vibrant changemakers, Girl Talk brings families, educators,..

Private School Virtual Visit Cheat Sheet


The decision of whether or not you should send your child to a private school (especially in the midst of a global pandemic) is undoubtedly a big one for your family—and not one to be taken lightly. As a parent or caregiver, you’ve done your..

Intentional Art Activities You and Your Child Can Do at Home


Now more than ever, kids are asking a lot of questions about the world and the future. Why did my camp plans change? Why do I have to wear a mask? When will the germs go away? And while these questions are valid, it may be difficult for parents..

6 Ways Parents Can Encourage Writing and Reading at Home


“I’m bored.” These words can be maddening for any parent of a tween or teen to hear, but perhaps even more so this year when your kid’s go-to activities and plans have been changed or canceled. During this unusual time, your usual ideas for..

How to Discuss Race with Young Children


Do you want to talk to your child about race but aren’t sure where or how to begin? It can be intimidating to know where to start and difficult to do so when you’re in the process of learning yourself. But there’s never a time like the present to..

5 Things Parents Can Do to Boost Family Health and Wellness


When you’re balancing work, childcare, and household duties, it can be easy for self-care and mindfulness to be the first things cut from your family’s to-do list. And while the exhaustion is real, it’s crucial that families find time within..

4 Ways Schools Commit to Cultivating a Sense of Belonging


When considering a private school education for your child, you are probably taking a number of things into account: the school’s reputation, the cost, the class sizes, the commute time, the list goes on. And while those are all important pieces..

High School Students Examine History as They Live Through It


What’s it like to examine your own personal history as you live through historic times? High school students at The Ellis School, an independent school in Pittsburgh, found out as they completed a virtual learning archive project to culminate..

Distance Learning Tool Increases Student Engagement


For students and teachers who are used to traditional classroom teaching, the integration of online learning can come with a learning curve. Instead of group projects, peer reviews, and one-on-one office hours, students and educators must..

Students Exercise Adaptability in Pandemic-Altered Projects


For many high school students, dealing with COVID-19 was their first taste of having to practice resilience and flexibility in “the real world.” And while it’s been difficult at times, many high school students have shown just how poised and..

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