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High School Students Examine History as They Live Through It


What’s it like to examine your own personal history as you live through historic times? High school students at The Ellis School, an independent school in Pittsburgh, found out as they completed a virtual learning archive project to culminate..

Distance Learning Tool Increases Student Engagement


For students and teachers who are used to traditional classroom teaching, the integration of online learning can come with a learning curve. Instead of group projects, peer reviews, and one-on-one office hours, students and educators must..

Students Exercise Adaptability in Pandemic-Altered Projects


For many high school students, dealing with COVID-19 was their first taste of having to practice resilience and flexibility in “the real world.” And while it’s been difficult at times, many high school students have shown just how poised and..

5 Things Parents Might Want to Know About Schools Reopening


What will school look like this fall? Will we have to continue distance learning from home or will children be able to resume in-person classes? If students are able to return in-person, what types of health and safety changes will be made to..

College Admissions and COVID-19: What Now?


Like everything in the world right now, the future of college admissions, move-in days, and SAT testing is uncertain. Because COVID-19 is an ever-evolving disruptor, a helpful thing parents can do at this time is to employ flexible thinking..

5 Tips for Remote Learning


As students begin a new adventure of remote learning at home, it can be helpful to have some guidelines and strategies in place to ensure they’re set up for success. Below are five tips from academic support teachers at The Ellis School to help..

Words of Wisdom From Women Who've Been There


If there’s one universal thing that girls and women are familiar with, it might just be unsolicited advice. From advice on what to wear to advice on venturing down a new career path, there always seems to be a plethora of feedback directed toward..

5 Ways to Welcome Girls to Computer Science


The reports keep coming: tech companies average 30% female, but the percentage of women in tech-related jobs is actually much lower. Depending on who you ask, it's a pipeline problem, a workplace culture problem, or any of a whole slew of issues...

Middle School Girls Are So Mean! Aren't They?


Mean girls. Queen bees. Frenemies. You may notice these common misnomers popping up in conversation when you mention that it’s time for your daughter to go to middle school. Well-meaning friends and family may only want to “warn” you of what’s..

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ellis Summer Camps


Picture this. It’s one month before summer break and you’re awake at 2 a.m. looking for camp plans for your kids. As you frantically search “Pittsburgh summer camps” on your phone from the darkness of your bedroom, you promise yourself that..

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